* [http://image-store.slidesharecdn.com/42a38844-b3dc-11e3-aa34-12313b027a03-large.png 9 signs that you might be an entepreneur]
* [http://businessjournal.gallup.com/content/177572/highly-successful-entrepreneurs-great-sales-talent.aspx Highly Successful Entrepreneurs Have Great Sales Talent]

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# A deep dissatisfaction with the status quo
# Láska k experimentům, tvorbě
# Willingness to tolerate uncertainty
# Willingness to tolerate volatility and unpredictability
# Ability to prioritize and focus on the most important thing
# Willingness to sacrifice
# Knack + taste for debugging systems- especially your own head
# A feel for numbers
# People skills
# Appetite for learning

=== 12 znaků ===
# Extraordinary determination and capacity to work, and overcome daily challenges in ways that enhance his business.  As the cliché goes, “the only place where success comes before work is in the dictionary”…
# Self-starter / self-learner, with a propensity to learn in the field rather than from books.
# Appetite for calculated risk and capacity to evaluate risk and mitigate it
# Capacity to adapt to change
# Creative mindset: constantly thinking, and doing so ‘oustide the box’, generating solutions to problems and frustrations in an innovative way
# “Vision”: ability to envisage the future, and develop a strategy that becomes a blueprint for the business.
# Leadership: ability to surround himself with trusted and motivated people, to whom he can delegate
# Organization:  especially capacity to budgetise and track progress
# Sales: a good communicator who understand his clients and their needs, and knows how to speak to them
# Knowledge: understanding at least the basics of  management, finance, economics and accounting,
# Competitive nature: as embodied by alibaba’s founder and CEO Jack Ma, successful entrepreneurs are competitive by nature. They know they can do a better  job, and will do it until they win. Defeat is not an option.
# Passion: similar to determination, with the added value that passion is contagious and exhilarating, so passionate entrepreneurs can ‘work the extra mile’.

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